Aventuras Summer

Join Aventuras for another summer of fun!

Are you looking to fill your kids’ summer with fun, friendships and adventure? Look no further than Aventuras Summer Camp, a well-rounded, Spanish immersion day camp experience for rising kindergarteners through 5th graders.

Camp Details

Aventuras Summer will be open this year for a full 9 weeks of camp, from June 20th – August 19th and will offer both camp day and after care options to our families!

Read more about our weekly camp themes below:

3…2…1… Blastoff! This week our Aventureros y Aventuras will soar to new heights as they venture out of this world and into outer space! Campers will spend their week learning about our eight planets en nuestro sistema solar, completing STEM challenges to determine what the weather is like on other planets, what kind of impact a crater can cause, the difference between asteroids and meteors and so much more! Los campistas will enjoy the view from a 900 feet high camera while they launch a flying model rocket and will take delight as we partner with The Goddard Space Flight NASA Center where they will learn about the many different ways that scientists, engineers and astronauts are supporting human life out there en el espacio. They will discover the different parts of an astronaut’s spacesuit and even enjoy an astronaut diet for a day! Our campers will soar to new heights as they partake in our big field rocket launch and defy gravity at iFly! During this hands-on learning experience, nuestros campistas will learn of different states of matter, how gravity can push and pull you in either direction and how objects of different size, mass, shape and even liquid perform in space! join us to learn more about el apasionante mundo de los astronautas!    
*We hope to visit the iFly Gaithersburg this week!

El verano llegó and we know our campistas love a week filled with summer camp classics! This week, we will stay true to our camp roots with some of our favorite camp activities. Each morning we will jump start our days with camp chants and raising our flags in comradery of our kick off to camp! Campers will love our camp crafts, endless rounds of dominos or uno, and writing camp letters to our pen pals in Chile when we take some time to cool off indoors. Our outdoor adventures are sure to excite with endless rounds of capture the flag, hide and seek, epic balloon battles, and so much more! A camper favorite will be our Un Día Sobre Ruedas where we ask our campers to bring in their favorite set of wheels – bikes, skateboards, roller blades or scooters – as we enjoy riding in the cool summer breeze and learning a new wheel trick or two! This classic week will be filled with los desafíos del verano where campers will work together within their teams to see who can engineer the greatest camp fort, make the most delicious s’more recipe and so much more!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during this week!

While we all have a love for tacos, arepas, tamales, arroz con pollo and other traditional Latin American dishes, we want campers to have a taste of much more. Focusing on la carne asada sureña, el arroz con frijoles cubano, los tequenos venezolanos , the classic dulces de Argentina y Chile and  from Latinoamerica, nuestros campistas will not only enjoy a tasty meal, but learn of the tradition, influence and celebration that each of these dishes bring to our mesas llenas de color y tradición latina. On Friday, children will come together to compete in their very own culinary cook off where each group is responsible for creating one complete dish. After cooking, they will present their plates to their fellow campers, explaining not only what they created, but which techniques and ingredients influenced their dish. One thing is for sure, this will be una muestra de America Latina our campistas will not soon forget!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during this week!
**Please note, Aventuras Summer will be closed on Monday, July 4th in Observance of Independence Day.

Nuestros campistas will be the ultimate fanáticos during this week of favorite Latin American sports! Campers will focus each day on a different sport including básebol, básquetbol, tenis and fútbol! During the mornings players will focus on developing their technique and skills  and gain a basic understanding of playing a scrimmage. The afternoon will consist of small sided scrimmages in a tournament environment where players can earn tournament points for their team through good sportsmanship and teamwork. Not only will campers learn the skills of the game and develop their teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship skills, but will learn the stories of their favorite sports stars such as Lionel Messi, Juan Soto, and Maria Bueno, and some behind the scenes roles such as team managers, strategists and more. ¡Viva el Deporte! Our torneo deportivo will come to a close on Friday as we battle it out in our second annual Aventuras Copa Mundial!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during this week!

Whether art has never really been your style or you love to get your hands messy and create wonderful one-of-a-kind masterpieces, this is the art experience week designed for you! Throughout the week, campers will engage in a collection of self-guided art lessons which they can come back to again and again to expand their sets and gain confidence in making art. Each day will have a daily focus, artist and skill as our focus – Rose Sielian Theriault’s contour drawings, Mitchell Rosenzweig’s soft pastel paintings, Daisy Adam’s painting on wood, Susan Schwake’s watercolor paintings and many more creations, ensuring our campers have a number of pieces to take home. Nuestros artistas will delight in this wide variety of experiences to open them up to the process of creating, and not the product of making original works of art! ¡Ven y expresa tu creatividad en Aventuras!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during this week!

As we embark on a local farm to table experience, nuestros campistas will dig into their roots and learn not only how to make a healthy, delicious and locally grown meal, but also see firsthand where our local crops, dairy products and meats come from. Partnering with Charles Koiner Conservancy Farm, campers will learn the process of growing our local goods from start to finish, why we need to rotate our crops seasonally and the importance of eating local. At the farm, campers will scribble in their science journals, list characteristics of common pollinators, observe the bees at work, harvest fresh produce, seed starts, turn composts and enjoy shaded tree picnic with fresh fruits and vegetables our campistas had harvested that day. Back at camp, campers will take our goods from the farm and experience churning butter, making fresh cheese, curing soap, hand creating bouquets and making delicious, homemade recipes using their gathered ingredients. We look forward to facing off in our Ice Cream Taste Off, as campers use our goods to hand turn ice cream and create a variety of delicious flavors! At the end of the week, campers will present their own Farmer’s Market items and gift their organically made pieces to their fellow campers as we all partner together to Farm Local!
*We hope to visit the Charles Koiner Conservancy Farm during this week!

If you like playing Mario Kart on your console then it’s time to get your hands off the controller and onto real robots. This camp program brings Mario to life! Throughout the week campers enjoy endless building and racing challenges (without a video screen!). Robots on the ground are cool, but are you ready to take your ground bot skills into the water? How about determining the best way to design and create twists and turns to build the fastest coaster? This program provides all the summer fun a camper may handle as participants rotate through a variety of thrilling activities. Campers dive right in to a program that requires teamwork, flexibility and creativity, not to mention a hands-on building of structures that include: bridges, beams, arches, trusses, and suspension bridges. StemQuest: Water, Land and Coaster presents an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities that include a unique combination of engineering, building, and robo-racing. Campers will use their engineering skills in combination with trial and error to construct the fastest marble roller coaster, design the most agile waterbot, and develop the most durable land rovers.
*Please note this is a premium camp week which includes specialized curriculum, robots and equipment. There will be an additional $60 per camper fee for this camp, over and above the applicable camp fees selected above. Thank you!

Spend a week playing and learning chess in Aventuras this summer! Campers will spend their week unlocking their full chess potential as we partner with First Move, American’s Foundation for Chess! First Move will teach campers how to play chess using focus activities that help our chess masters understand chess concepts, promote pattern recognition, logical reasoning and thinking a few steps ahead, while working collaboratively and having loads of fun! Off the board, children will be able to learn good sportsmanship, focus, concentration and development of their self-esteem through the First Move curriculum, while weaving in loads of fun, playing lots of games against other students. Nuestros campistas will end the week with a Ajedrez Master Competition for the ages!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during this week!

We invite our campistas with a passion for the visual arts to join us this week of Movie Production! These five days of production combine our children’s interest in filmmaking with all the fun of our summer camp has to offer as children will work to discover their passions through hands-on experiences with the latest technology and equipment – all the while having fun and learning to express themselves!  Campistas will direct, shoot and edit their very own live film, learning the importance in thinking big picture when bringing their creativity to the small screen. Children will need to understand basic story structure, character development and framing and film language to make their shoots a great success. Off the acting stage, campistas will have the opportunity to learn some new production amd editing skills using Adobe Premiere Video Editing Software. In just one week, the Aventuras aspiring filmmakers will direct, shoot, edit and produce a short film to share with our community. Did we mention that our project-based movie production week is also designed to continue reinforcing teamwork and collaboration among our campistas? ¡Luz, cámara y acción!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during both of these weeks!

Los campistas will put all of the Spanish learned over the last few weeks into action as they sing, dance and act out the traditional Latin American tale Martina y Pérez, a story about a cockroach who makes friends con un gato, un perro, un gallo y con el Ratón Pérez, “el tooth fairy de Latinoamérica! We guarantee that there is a role for each and every child and campers will spend their days running lines, practicing their dance moves, building their sets and designing their costumes for their big performance! By engaging in el teatro de Aventuras, campers will not only have the opportunity to sing, dance and act, but also improve their reading, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills – ¡y aún más en español!
*We hope to visit the Rockville Swim Center during both of these weeks!

Ready to book your summer of Aventuras? Please complete the online registration form below:

Aventuras Summer Registration – Click Here!

Note you will need to upload the following forms when submitting your camp registration:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our camp team at aventuras@wholekidsacademy.com 

What does a day at Aventuras Summer look like?

At Aventuras Summer, your kids will engage in all of their favorite summer activities – from epic capture the flag games, kickball and water balloon fights to hands-on projects, activities and experiments – every day brings something to look forward to!   Intentional learning and experiences are sprinkled throughout our summer, adding hidden enrichment for children to avoid the “summer slide.”  Additionally, we’re excited to bring back our weekly trips to the pool and we’ve got a couple of awesome field trips and some special in-house guests planned to further highlight this year’s camp themes.

Each camp week takes on a new theme allowing us to cover a variety of exciting interests throughout the summer, ensuring our kids never grow bored. This year, our camps are organized into three separate age groups, ensuring that your child is grouped with their peers and offered activities specifically geared toward their interest and engagement.  We consider our summer camps to be Goldilocks’ size, big enough to ensure your kids will always have a few buddies close by, but not so big that they feel lost or intimidated by the crowd.  At Aventuras, everyone will know your child’s name!  Our Camp Director and several counselors have been with us for years now and are well trained and experienced to connect with your child and ensure they have a great time at Aventuras!

Also, did we mention our summer camps are bilingual?! Our program is open to children with all levels of Spanish language, from beginner to fully bilingual! The beauty of an immersion program is the children will pick up what they can at their own pace and our counselors will be sure to challenge each child and his or her unique ability level during our daily dedicated Spanish enrichment learning. Led by our Aventuras Director, children will be working in skill-based groups with intentional materials and workbooks to stretch their current collection of verbs, vocabulary and common phrases, practice conjugating in the past and present forms and read, write and communicate in the Spanish language! 

Aventuras Summer is conveniently located in Whole Kids Academy’s light filled and air-conditioned classrooms, all-purpose space and outdoor playgrounds and dedicated green space right on Executive Boulevard, just behind Pike and Rose.

COVID Safety

The health and safety of our campers, staff, and community continues to be our highest priority. We are happy to share that our full camp team is fully vaccinated and will continue to monitor the COVID pandemic in the upcoming months, and make changes to our health and safety protocols as needed.

Current practices include daily heath screening and temperature checks for all campers and staff, strict illness policy in alignment with CDC recommendations, increased handwashing, daily cleaning and sanitation, cleaning of touch points, mask usage for staff and campers, abundant outdoor time and strong air filters.

Camp Hours and After Care

Aventuras Summer will run from June 20th – August 15th and be open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Needing to extend your child’s camp day? After care will be offered until 6:00 p.m. for an additional $125 per week!

Balducci's Bagged Lunch

Aventuras Summer has partnered with Balducci’s to provide campers with the daily option for a healthy and delicious camp lunch! You can sign your child up for Balducci’s bagged lunch program for $45 per week. Campers registered for Balducci’s will receive a sandwich, fruit and side item daily!

Registration and Camp Fees

Registration opens January 7, 2022 for full summer camp bundles and early bird pricing:

  • Full Summer Bundle: $3,000 for All 9 Weeks of Aventuras Summer
  • Summer Vacation Bundle: $2,775 for 8 Weeks of Aventuras Summer

Weekly Registration opens February 28, 2022, pending availability:

  • Full Summer Bundle: $3,250 for All 9 Weeks of Aventuras Summer
  • Summer Vacation Bundle: $2,990 for 8 Weeks of Aventuras Summer
  • Aventuras Summer Camp Rate $415/week

Aventuras Late Registration runs from May 1, 2022 – June 15, 2022, pending availability:

  • Aventuras Summer Late Registration $430/week

Registration will be confirmed with an automated email. A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $150 is due upon registration. All camp fees will be automatically processed via Tuition Express.  

Remaining camp fees will be processed for payment automatically on April 1, 2022. All payments are non-refundable after this date.

*Camp fees noted above include weekly trips to the pool, and the field trips tentatively planned for iFly and Charles Koiner Conservatory Farm!

**StemQuest™: Mario Kart: Water, Land, & Coaster Racing is a premium camp week which includes a specialized STEM team, curriculum and equipment. There is an additional $60 charge for this camp, over and above the fees noted above.


Sibling Discount – Enroll two or more children in our Aventuras Summer Camp Program and receive a 5% discount on your second child’s camp fees!

Military Discount – Military families receive a 7% discount on all camp fees!

Note: Discounts cannot be bundled with any other offer, and only one discount per child will be honored. If you qualify for multiple discounts, the discount that provides your family with the largest amount of savings will be applied. Thank you!


All registration fees will be automatically processed on April 1, 2022. If registering for a program after April 1, 2022, full payment is required at the time of registration. All payments are non-refundable after April 1, 2022 and refunds are not permitted after this date.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelation must be received in writing to aventuras@wholekidsacademy.com no later than February 27, 2022 in order to receive a full camp refund.

If you are canceling between February 28, 2022 – March 31, 2022, you will receive a 50% refund of camp fees paid.

In the event that you may cancel your enrollment or withdraw your child from Aventuras Summer for any reason after April 1, 2022, the primary contact shall be obligated to pay the total camp fees due for all registered sessions. No refunds will be given after April 1, 2022, but you may transfer camp weeks to a child of same age (or different age, pending availability).

Kindly note all registration fees are non-refundable, even in the event of cancelation.

Registration Deadlines

Registration is on a first come, first served basis for all programs. We encourage families to register early as our program tends to fill up quickly! To take advantage of our bundled rates and discounted pricing, please be mindful of the Registration Deadlines below:

  • Early Bird Registration: January 5th – February 27th
  • Regular Registration: February 28th – April 30th
  • Late Registration: May 1st – June 15th


Once registered, all Aventuras Summer communication is sent via email. Please make sure that you provide your preferred email address during the registration process.

You will receive an email confirmation or camp registration and receipts for registration and camps fees as processed. All families can expect to receive a Welcome to Aventuras Summer camp email by June 1, 2022.

If you have any questions throughout the registration process, kindly contact Aventuras Summer by email at aventuras@wholekidsacademy.com or you may call 240.242.4957.

Wait List

Once the Aventuras Summer program is full, a Wait List will be started through our online registration system. When registering for a Wait List, please complete all of the requested information. We will not apply any charges until after a space is offered to your child.

Should a space become available, Aventuras Summer will directly contact families on the Wait List in the order in which the Wait List request was received. Families will then have 24 hours to accept the available space before it is released to the next name on the list.