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We have an exciting preschool program that consists of four classes, our Sprouts, Explorers, Voyagers and Pioneers.  Each class has two dedicated teachers and a floating teacher to provide additional love, support and assistance throughout the day.   Children are assigned a classroom according to the year they will go to kindergarten and they will spend the full academic year in that class ensuring continuity each year they are with us.  This helps to alleviate the need for unnecessary transitions during the school year, allows children to take full advantage of the varying studies and learning objectives for each class and provides greater opportunity for deep connections and friendships with their peers that will move with them each year.  The preschool classrooms are large, bright, cheery and organized to be fantastic environments for interactive learning.  
Children at this age are natural, enthusiastic learners.  Their impulse to ask questions, investigate, explore, examine, and experiment, comes from a burning curiosity about the world and a desire to understand things. They learn, grow, and internalize through interactive experiences with each other, with adults and with real materials that require all of their senses. For this reason, our teachers spend careful time planning and incorporating diverse learning centers, with open-ended activities and hands-on materials, to use throughout the year. 
We adamantly believe in the value and importance of learning through play. 
Young children’s play allows them to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning. The intellectual and cognitive benefits of playing have been well documented. Children who engage in quality play experiences are more likely to have well-developed memory skills, language development, and are able to regulate their behaviour, leading to enhanced school adjustment and academic learning (Bodrova & Leong, 2005).
Learning is brought to life in the classroom through interesting and relevant investigative studies each month.  We are able to ignite and nourish children's curiosity through an inquiry based approach to learning and providing ample opportunities for children to explore utilizing multiple intelligences.

WKA utilizes Brightwheel, a comprehensive and convenient app used to communicate in real time about your child's day. You may find updates on your child's sleep, meals, learning milestones or view fun pictures from their day!