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Carmen Fernandez

HOLA! I am from Paraguay and I have been living in the United Stated for the past 7 years. Since I was a child, I felt a great passion for arts in all its areas. At home my father delighted us with his guitar melodies; he taught me the meaning of good music. Independently, at a young age after seeing the greatest painters of the Renaissance in a book; I become interested in the world of painting. At the age of 10 I had the opportunity to learn the art of movement in a ballet school; I enjoyed this lovely discipline for 7 years. Keeping on track with arts, I studied Architecture for three years until I decided to move to the United States. After taking care of two lovely girls for several years, I discovered my passion for working with children. As I found my passion, I want to transmit to children my passion for arts. So, I graduated from Montgomery College with an Associate of Fine Arts in Art Education and an Associate of Art in Teaching in Early Childhood Education, and I am currently working to obtain my Bachelor degree in both areas. As an Art teacher my plan is to guide children in the wonderful world of art where any creation can be unique; to teach them what art can mean and what art can signify in their lives. As an Early Childhood teacher, my mission is to support the learning of children by providing activities and materials they find engaging. By facilitating learning, with interesting materials, and adequate time to explore, play, and interact, so children can find learning easy and fun. I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world and for that reason, as a teacher, I will help children to develop their potential by believing in themselves as capable individuals. I am conscious that every child is different, so every classroom presents a unique community of learners that varies not only in abilities, but also in learning styles. My role as a teacher is to provide children the tools with which to cultivate their own gardens of knowledge. I am very pleased to be part of Whole Kids Academy, a premier language immersion preschool that is and will continue to make the difference in the learning styles of each child who forms this family.

Outside of the education and professional setting; most of all, I love to spend time with my husband and little dog; I also like to cook and try different types of foods. I am a fervent fan of nature and I have a deep love and respect for our home, the Earth.