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Roxana Recinos

My name is Roxana Recinos. I was born in Arlington, Virginia, but lived in El Salvador for 19 years with my parents and siblings. My native language is Spanish. My family consists of my daughter, Kathleen (9), my son, Brandon (7), and my husband. God, my husband and my children are the most important part of my life as well as my successes. It is the influence that I have on my children as well as my personal goals that have driven me to want to excel in all I do and try to be a good role model for my children along with others I come in to contact with. The rate of language acquisition at this age never ceases to amaze me, it is wonderful to teach children through reading, singing and playing so that they can easily learn other languages. As a mother and teacher, I think that the most important thing is to understand the interests of the child, we must think how children think and feel how they feel to be able to give them the best education according to their age, stage of development and above all their interests. 
My life is comprised of a wonderful family, great friends, a small successful floor installation business and a sincere dedication to my family, education and work. I am a very responsible person, disciplined, friendly and organized. My favorite hobby is to teach my children and in my free time I like to read. I am also very involved in my church and in organizations that seek to help single mothers and orphan children in El Salvador. Doing this type of volunteer work makes me happy!