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Angela Patino

Hola! My name is Angela Patiño. Growing up, I was raised in a native Spanish speaking household. Up until pre-school, the only language I held as my own was Spanish.  My family and social exposure were all in my native language. Once I began my schooling, English began to newly define my language preference.  

At age 3, I was taken to Colombia for the first time for the holidays. Colombia for me was a new world that I had never experienced before. Being Colombian has defined me from a very young age. Not in a generalization or stereotypical way, but it has shaped who I am. I am so proud to be Hispanic American. I feel like I have been blessed to have the best of both worlds. It has motivated me to approach the world around me with an open-mind and with a growing curiosity for culture. As I got older my curiosity for language continued. I went on in school to learn Italian in college and spent time in Brazil where I learned conversational Portuguese. My travels have also included countries such as Spain, where I was able to learn about the root and foundation for the Spanish that has defined regions of the world and categorized Hispanic culture.

From a young age, children have been a passion I never knew I had. Growing up, I did everything from summer camps to specialized tutoring programs and everything in between. Yet, I found myself continuing not because it was my passion, but because it was my specialty. Once in college I veered off into my different career paths that ended up falling short for different reasons. Thankfully, my first opportunity to be a teachers assistant came at the right moment.  I was able to dive back into the world I always had loved and began doing what I enjoyed. I graduated from Montgomery College with an Associates of Art in Psychology and a certificate in Education. I plan on continuing my education in the near future by attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and double majoring in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Lastly, as an aunt of a WKA alum, I am so overwhelmingly excited to be part of something that has been so amazing for my family.