What's Happening At WKA

Painting on Canvas Art Exhibition

The Turtles class has focused their year on painting as an expression of Reggio Emilia based learning using various sensory experiences to demonstrate their learning and creativity. As we learn best through experiences that involve our senses, the class developed an interest in sensory painting activities where they have been provided with the opportunity to channel their emotions and dreams through creating on canvas. bukméker összehasonlítás

The children created collages, season based canvas creations, painted with nature, their hands, brushes, sponges and other various materials that encouraged free art. gaminator letöltése pc These activities included opportunities to develop find and gross motor skills, explore different colors, smells, sounds, and textures all while listening to music from around the world.

For our little Turtles, the past year was filled with unforgettable memories and valuable insight into the world of learning that will continue to evolve throughout engaging in thought, exploration and collaboration in years to come. egy kinai bukmeker meggyilkolasa