A Day In The Life Of A Whole Kid

A Day in the Life of a Whole Kid

I wake up early in the morning and can’t wait to drive to school! When we pull into the parking lot, I see some of my friends getting ready to walk inside. I run up to them and we walk in together. 

When I open the door, my teacher gives me the biggest good morning hug! She asks me how my morning was and invites me to play with a few of my friends while she checks in with mommy. WOW! There are so many choices – magnatiles, puzzles, books, art, blocks – art is one of my favorites!

By 9:00 a.m. all of my friends have arrived and we are ready to start our day! We have a yummy breakfast – I love my oatmeal, fresh berries and nut butter! 

After breakfast, we wash hands and head to the Circle Time for our Classroom Morning Meeting. We start the day with kudos and gratitude for our friends and teachers. Circle is one of the best moments of the day because we get to welcome the day, read stories, ask questions about our learning and have loads of opportunities to talk, laugh and move! Our classroom dance parties are the best!

After Circle we had our weekly music class with Ms. Norma! I love how she played her guitar while we sing some of my favorite songs in Spanish! We have been working really hard for our upcoming concert!

When we come back into the classroom, we break into groups. Some of my friends are in learning centers playing in the science center, blocks center, art or dramatic play. My teacher picks me to work on a literacy activity! We are learning how to blend together syllables and sounds – o…, o…, oso! a…, a…, avion! I can recognize all of these letters – my teacher tells me she can tell how hard I have been working and encourages me to want to learn more!

At 11:00 a.m. we line up to go to the park – I love the boat and house park and get to play pretend with my friends!

When we come inside, we wash our hands and get ready for lunch! Balducci’s looks so delicious today – salmon, rice, veggies and fruits. YUM! I enjoy my lunch with my friends and teachers as we eat around the table together. I love this special time where my teacher talks with us about all of our favorite things!

After lunch, my teacher reads us a nap time story. Then, she helps me set up my cot for nap time. I have my special blanket, pillow and lovie! She sits with me and rubs my back as I slowly fall asleep.

We wake up from nap at 3:00 p.m. and enjoy our afternoon snack – today we are having peppers, hummus and pita! My favorite!

After snack, we have our afternoon Circle Time. Today we are having a group discussion about what kind of garden we want to build outside. We have a vote between veggies, herbs and flowers – veggies won! I hope we will be able to use them for some tasty cooking projects this summer!

After our afternoon Circle we break back into small groups. This time, I choose to go to the block center with two of my friends. We create a huge airport with a rocket ship and outside playground for friends waiting for their flights! Once our structure is complete, we begin to play – I get to be the piolet!

We end our day at the playground – this time we are at the back playground!  I love how many choices I have for playing outside – the art center, blocks, bulldozer corner, library nook and gardening center!

It’s pick up time and I am so excited to share about my day! My padres says they saw my photos on Brightwheel and ask me about some of my favorite activities! I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow to play with my friends and teachers! 

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