A Loving Learning Environment that Challenges Young Minds

We believe that all children should be seen as individuals and that each child’s educational path provides the opportunity for a unique learning experience. Whole Kids Academy’s Kindergarten  program aligns with MSDE K1 learning standards for language arts and mathematics (Math in Focus) but will allow each child the benefit of moving at his or her own pace, advancing in areas of strength and interest through individualized small group instruction and one-on-one support from their child’s teacher. Individualized attention to each child’s specific needs will ensure their success in our program and beyond.

our curriculum

Children will receive instruction on all MSDE Kindergarten learning objectives including review of letter sounds, phonemic awareness, word families, sight words, writing and print, mathematic concepts and early science and social study skills.  Children will also engage in music, art, physical education, cooking projects and other life skills activities.  

Project based learning and unit studies throughout the year will provide children with opportunities to explore their individual interests and build upon their creativity, motivation, problem-solving skills and confidence.   

spanish immersion

Our Kindergarten program serves as a continuation of our preschool program, offering full Spanish immersion, giving children the added benefit of another year of Spanish, while also learning to read and write in the language.  With the exception of some limited English Language Arts (ELA) instruction, to ensure preparedness for 1st grade and beyond, and addressing social-emotional needs, children may expect to receive full instruction in Spanish throughout their school day.  

Small classes & Teachers who care

Children can count on spending their school year in a safe and loving learning environment where they may continue to learn and be challenged through engaging, hands-on activities.  Small group instruction and one-on-one support from our most tenured teachers allow children the opportunity to move through our curricula at his or her own pace, advancing in areas of strength and interest. Additionally, our team is dedicated to nourishing children’s hearts and minds while teaching them the skills and language necessary to advocate for themselves, think critically, and use their creativity and ingenuity to solve problems.

program highlights

Children will not only benefit from rigorous academics and hands-on learning experiences, but also be provided with dedicated weekly classes for music and arts, field trips, guest speakers and special events that further your child’s curiosity, wonder and awe within their learning units, hot lunches that are filled with fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, high-quality meats and organic dairy products and a community of connected parents, educators and staff who are fully invested in your child’s education. 

admissions & how to apply

We are preparing to accept applications for the 2024-25 school year! If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Kindergarten program, please complete the admissions checklist below: 

1. Complete our online Admissions Application. Applications will be reviewed from January through the end of February.

2. A member of our administrative team will contact you to confirm your child’s enrollment in our WKA Kindergarten program by March 1st. Once confirmed, you will have one week to accept enrollment for the upcoming year.

3. Remit payment of $750 for a one-time, non-refundable registration, books and materials fee to secure your child’s enrollment.

4. Complete admissions packet which will be provided by our administrative team upon the confirmation of your child’s enrollment.

5. Talk to your child and get them ready and excited for the first day of school!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our admissions team at or 240.242.4957.