Early Preschool & Preschool

Interactive learning for curious two to four-year-olds

Whole Kids Academy’s early preschool and preschool classrooms are large, bright, cheerful, and organized to be fantastic environments for interactive learning.


Our early preschoolers (2 and 3 year olds) can be found in two classes: Sunflowers and Ladybugs. Our preschoolers (3 and 4 year olds) are in their own two classes: Sprouts and Explorers. Each class has two dedicated teachers and a floating teacher to provide additional love, support and assistance throughout the day.

Children are assigned a classroom according to the year they will go to kindergarten. They spend the full academic year in that class, where they’ll take full advantage of learning objectives and build deep connections and friendships with their peers (who will move with them each year).

Early Preschool Activities

Early preschool is such a fun year for kids and teachers alike! Our early preschool classes follow a daily schedule that includes reading books, engaging in music and movement activities, exploring art and nature, and learning through hands-on activities and play – all in Spanish. Teachers provide each child with personalized attention as they begin to feel more comfortable in a group setting and establish a sense of security and trust in the classroom.

What they learn: Children are introduced to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and so much more through a mix of teacher-led activities and child-led play in learning centers and the outdoors. They will begin to build friendships, learn social skills and strengthen self-help skills – including potty training.

Potty training: Staff and teachers will work hand in hand with parents to develop a plan that encourages children to feel excited and have a sense of ownership for this fun (and sometimes daunting!) process.

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Preschool Activities

Each day, we make time for reading books, engaging in music and movement activities, and exploring art and nature – all in Spanish. Because children at this age are natural, enthusiastic learners, our teachers introduce relevant investigative studies each month. Our goal is to ignite and nourish children’s curiosity through an inquiry-based approach to learning, and we provide ample opportunities for children to explore and engage their senses.

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Our teachers and staff use Brightwheel, an app that lets our teachers send you updates in real-time about your child’s day (including photos!).