Infants & Toddlers

Personalized, loving care for children ages 0-3

Your child will be welcomed each day into a bright and inviting classroom by warm, loving, and experienced teachers who will provide personalized care and sensory-rich activities.


Infant and toddler classes have six children with two classes for each age group; children are grouped by birth date and mobility. At least two dedicated teachers are in each classroom, and floating teachers provide breaks and additional coverage as needed throughout the day.


Our infant and toddler classes enjoy daily stories, music and movement activities, complete immersion in Spanish, baby signs, floor play, yoga, gross and fine motor skills practice, and a variety of sensory exploration and hands-on art activities (including painting, working with clay, lights and much more). They also enjoy daily walks and occasional picnics to explore the outdoors.


Our teachers and staff use Brightwheel, an app that lets our teachers send you updates in real-time about your child’s day (including photos!).

Infants Schedule

Infant classes follow an eat, play and sleep schedule that caters to the individual needs of each child. When you enroll, we’ll request an infant activity plan to get a sense of your baby’s current schedule, needs, and preferences. Plans are updated every 60 days and teachers do their best to follow them as closely as possible.

Toddlers Schedule

Toddler classes are the perfect transition between the infants and early preschool programs. The classes begin to follow a more specific schedule but are still flexible enough to bend when a child’s needs warrant it.

What they learn: Toddlers learn self-help skills, further develop their communication skills using baby signs and Spanish and engage in hands-on activities as they explore the world using their senses.