A more academic program for kindergarten-ready four and five year-olds

Pre-Kindergarten at Whole Kids Academy provides the perfect balance between hands on and creative learning opportunities and ensuring Kindergarten readiness. Their learning environment will remain warm, familiar, and loving, and we will tailor the learning to each child. If they need additional support, they’ll get it. If they are ready for more, we will add enrichment beyond what is pre-determined by the curriculum.


Our Pre-Kindergarten program consists of two classes: Voyagers and Pioneers. Each class has up to 20 children, two dedicated teachers and a floating teacher to provide additional love, support and assistance throughout the day.

Children are assigned a classroom according to the year they will go to kindergarten. They spend the full academic year in that class, where they’ll take full advantage of learning objectives and build deep connections and friendships with their peers. 

Our Pre-K children enjoy an additional adventure as they become Aventuras Jr. campers throughout their summer months, remaining in their safe, warm and loving classroom environment, while providing an action packed summer they will love before venturing off to Kindergarten!


Children are introduced to a more formal math curriculum and a Spanish literacy curriculum. There is increased focus on gross and fine motor skills and social-emotional skills such as problem-solving and self-help. Of course, there is plenty of time for exploring and playing, reading books, engaging in music and movement activities – all in Spanish.


Our teachers and staff use Brightwheel, an app that lets our teachers send you updates in real-time about your child’s day (including photos!).