Features Of Our Curriculum

Features of Our Curriculum

The Whole Kids Academy curriculum brings together the very best resources, tools and materials to provide children with fun, hands-on learning experiences.  


Music education benefits brain development in so many ways – better language, math, and listening skills, higher levels of creativity, and much more. Children enjoy music in two languages on a daily basis. Lead by Ms. Norma, they sing songs, play instruments, listen to music, and participate in music and movement activities.


Art taps into children’s innate creativity and allows them to express themselves in new ways. While children create art using a variety of mediums, Ms. Carmen teaches them about the concept of art as a whole, what art means to them and how to use art to become critical thinkers. 


Technology’s role in our work and everyday lives continues to grow, and we strive to provide children with age-appropriate experiences and exposure. We teach through inquiry-driven studies and reflections on children’s prior knowledge, interests, and what they’ve learned to make the new knowledge more meaningful and interesting.

Exploring our Community

We take advantage of the rich diversity and ample resources our community offers, from parks and zoos to museums and local businesses. Each month, children embark on a field trip so they can explore the world around them.

Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum harnesses your child’s natural interests and curiosities as they explore topics in a more meaningful, hands-on, and memorable experience. It teaches children how to follow their curiosity, solve problems and think critically about the topics and subjects that most interest them.

Handwriting Without Tears

The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies for learning and reinforcing literacy, writing, and math skills. We use age-appropriate materials and tailor instruction to address all styles of learning.

Sunshine and Exercise

We believe strongly in the value of adequate daily sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity so children can burn some of their endless energy, boost their immunity and free their minds for more focused learning opportunities. Children spend time outside every day year-round, rain or shine.

Farm to Table

A diet centered on healthy whole foods provides the vitamins, minerals, fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein that young minds and bodies need to learn, grow and develop. Since our founding, we have partnered with Balducci’s to provide children with nutritious, all-natural meals and snacks to fuel and sustain their young bodies and minds.