What's Happening At WKA

Actividades de Aventuras!

Our Aventuras have been engaging in their new Science and Electronics club over the past few weeks. During Science Club, the Aventuras work develop a hypothesis prior to conducting their experiments. They then observe the reactions and discuss the science that has occurred! gaminátor One of their favorites was when they filled a balloon with baking soda and vinegar. Many Aventuras thought the balloon would rapidly expand and pop, though they observed the balloon fill with hydroxide.

In Electronics Club, the Aventuras worked with circuits and sequences, creating different electronic patterns and enhancing their learning on how radios, switch lights, transmitters, and other electronics work. Our Aventuras are looking forward to their next experiment, where they will observe the melting points of various metals and learn of the anatomy of the hand. gaminator ingyen játékok

On Friday, October 13th, our Aventuras enjoyed their first ever Bring a Friend Day! With their new friends, the Aventuras made banana-strawberry smoothies, and enjoyed their weekly Sports Club where they played one of their favorite games, baseball. All of our friends were able to hit the ball and participate in a Home Run Derby! gaminator slots net We love having new friends at Aventuras and are looking forward to more Bring a Friend days to come!