What's Happening At WKA

WKA Music!

During our music classes with Ms. Marta, our little ones are learning of many new music symbols, staff lines and rests this month. tippmix szelvény nyertes During our energetic music classes, we discovered the various instruments of the orchestra and practiced playing our own songs with recorder instruments.

We also have been busy during our Music and Movement classes each Wednesday with Ms. Elena! We have been learning of piano and forte noises and practicing making soft and vibrant sounds of our own by playing the triangle instrument. 887 tippmix We get our bodies moving as we sing songs and dance around the music room making our own rhythm with percussion instruments. tippmix nyeremény kalkulátor
Music continues throughout the week as our little ones leave their classes with Ms. Marta and Ms. Elena and continue to sing their songs throughout our halls! We are so excited to hear what they will be singing next week!