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The Toddlers Take on the Five Senses

The Ducklings and Sweetpeas have been learning all about their five senses. gaminator 777 bonus code 2020   They learn about a new sense every week and have loads of activities to help them better understand the purpose of each sense. tippmix eredmenyek   The toddlers are creating their own face and add a feature to the face after they learn about the sense!  For example, after learning about their sense of smell, they added a nose to their face.

While there are multiple activities to help the toddlers understand the senses, they also read and sing about their senses during Circle Time. This week, they read books called, My Face and The Five Senses, in Spanish of course.

This week the toddlers focused on their sense of touch.  They were able to touch objects and work together to determine if the items were hard or soft.  They would communicate how they felt in Spanish to their teachers and classmates. tippmix hu sportfogadas   They also felt some materials that were fluffy, like cotton.  After feeling different materials, they glued them on a paper hand to keep and remind them of this study and their sense of touch.  One of the best activities was their shaving cream exploration! The Ducklings and Sweetpeas were all giggles when it came to the shaving cream.