What's Happening At WKA

A Great Start!

We are off to a great start as we close out our first week of the school year.  It has been wonderful to see everyone making connections in their classrooms already.  We understand that the transition to a new classroom with new teachers, or even a new school entirely can be a big change and sometimes comes with tears.  We can assure you that we are providing extra hugs and lots of love to our children to help ease this transition.

Everyone has spent the week learning and practicing procedures for different things in their classrooms, such as centers, outdoor time, napping, and morning arrival routines. They have been learning all about the importance of building friendships and have had many engaging experiences together.  Some classes have made a fruit salad, working together to practice teamwork and even adding in math skills and concepts. Other classes have gone on tours of our school and Whole Kids Park.  Some participated in a scavenger hunt, searching for our school mascot, Lalo the llama.  We’ve even had a few birthdays to celebrate this week.

We cannot wait for all the things that are in store for our WKA community this year.  Here’s to a great school year!