Our Team

Gilma Gagliardi


Ms. Gilma was born in Valencia, Venezuela and is proud to be a native Spanish speaker. Although she studied Dentistry and Law in Venezuela, most of her work experience is in education and recreation with children. When she arrived in the United States, her love for children led her to become a teacher!! She has since spent a great deal of time expanding her knowledge of early childhood education through various professional development opportunities. In her free time, Gilma enjoys reading and going to the movies. Her favorite children’s book is The Little Prince because it teaches about the value of love and friendship.

Gilma has been with Whole Kids Academy since 2019. Gilma shares that her favorite part about working at WKA is the opportunity to teach in her native language and share her culture with her students and their families. She finds that watching children as they learn Spanish in the classroom and through connecting with others is incredibly rewarding.