Our Team

Oasis Alexander


Ms. Oasis was born and raised in Venezuela, and has lived in the United States since 2014. With a B.A. in Journalism and a M.S. in Corporate Communications, she spent more than 7 years as a PR adviser for public institutions, and a total of 16 years as a journalist.  Due to her deep passion for education and endless creativity, Oasis made a huge career leap in 2019 when she joined our WKA team as a full time educator. Driven by her love for teaching her own two beautiful daughters, she fell in love with early childhood education and has put her full heart into learning everything she can about raising emotionally intelligent children, with a positive and nurturing approach.

Oasis shares that we are caring and nourishing the future generation and encourages families to do it all together with love, respect, and creativity, one child at a time!!