Our Team

Roxana Recinos


Ms. Roxana was born in Arlington, Virginia, but lived in El Salvador for 19 years with her parents and siblings. Her family consists of her daughter, Kathleen, her son, Brandon, and her husband. She shares that the influence that she has on her children as well as her personal goals that have driven her to reach for excellence in all that she does. In her free time, she loves to read and teach her own children! In addition, she is very involved in her church and in organizations that seek to help single mothers and orphan children in El Salvador. Her favorite children’s book is Be You by Peter Hamilton Reynolds because she faithfully believes that all children must be reminded that they are unique and special, their own piece of art. She uses this book to teach her children to be the best version of themselves without fear of making mistakes and never losing their essence that makes them unique.

Roxana has been at Whole Kids since December 2016. She shares that she loves Whole Kids Academy because of the warm, loving, caring environment and the way everyone is connected by the love for the Spanish culture.