Our Team

Ruby Anderson


Ms. Ruby was born in Colombia. She is the proud mother to her son, Dylan Shawn. Ruby loves being able to take her son, Dylan, to Colombia to visit over the summer and allow him to experience the country and culture. As a teacher, Ruby shares that she enjoys engaging in intentional play with our children, completing science experiments, dancing, and simply allowing the children to be their authentic selves! Outside of work, she enjoys spending weekends with her son and helping him with his sport activities. She also loves being around friends, exercising, reading books in Spanish, shopping, and visiting the beach during the summer months! Ruby is always excited to try new foods from different cultures and learn about different places around the world. Her favorite children’s books are The Cat in the Hat, because of the rhyming and the message of honesty, and El Pez Arcoiris, because it teaches about being humble, sharing, and the value of friendship.

Ruby has been part of the Whole Kids Academy family and community since our founding in 2013. She shares that she loves the culture and language that Whole Kids Academy provides to young children as well as our positive discipline approach, the love that all teachers have for our students, and the diversity within the school. She shares that she feels cared for, supported, and encouraged by other staff members each day!