What's Happening At WKA

A Bugs Life… with the Sunflowers!

Our Sunflowers kiddos have loved taking their learning outdoors and into the dirt as the dig into the Insect Study this month!

The classroom kicked off their study by learning about the life cycle of ladybugs, where the insectos lay their eggs and grow into larva, pupa and finally an adult ladybug! kasyno online na pieniadze The luck of the ladybug rubbed off on our Sunflowers as they were able to witness a ladybug lay her eggs one morning while outside at the park! Wow!

Their learning didn’t stop there as they spent this week learning about ants! Did you know that ants live in a colony with many, many other ants – up to 300 million in just one colony! zakłady online bet Within their colony each ant is assigned a different role or job. There are queen ants, male ants and worker ants. wirtualne zaklady sportowe We saw a few worker ants in action as we stumbled upon a small colony outside at the park. When taking crushed pieces of a snack item we saw just how strong those little ants can be, lifting 10 – 15 times their body weight to bring the food back to their colony! We can’t wait to see what insects they will learn about next!