What's Happening At WKA

Infants on the Move

It is always so amazing to see the growth happening in our infant classrooms. tippmix sportfogadás   The babies are meeting so many milestones and we are so proud of them.  Both our Caterpillars and Turtles love baby yoga.  They have a designated time each morning to do their stretching and yoga. Doing yoga can help babies with digestion, sleeping, gross and fine motor development, body awareness, flexibility, and strength.  Not only that, but they get to do it with all their friends at Whole Kids so they deepen their bonds with one another and with their teachers too.

In the Caterpillars classroom, some of the babies are using Sign Language to say “más” when they want more food.  They have started eating solid foods and they are using the pincer grasp to eat their finger foods independently.  As far as gross motor milestones, the babies are crawling, sitting upright, and some are even walking! nyerőgépes Even at such a young age, they are still so excited to babble at one another or play games with each other.  Ms. Martha, Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Jasmine provide so many experiences for the babies to discover and explore new things.  Everything is so special and new for our sweet Caterpillars.

The Turtles are just a few months older than the Caterpillars. ingyen nyerögépes játékok   They are doing really well with practicing saying, “adios.”  They are waving goodbye to the families and friends during drop off and pick up times.  The Turtles are doing well following simple directions from Ms. Andrea, Ms. Lynci, and Ms. Sonia, such as cleaning up toys and putting them away when they are finished playing.  The Turtles love walking.  They are taking their first steps and beaming with pride.