What's Happening At WKA

Outdoor Play in the Winter

At Whole Kids Academy, we adore our outdoor time.  As long as the temperature permits, we are outside enjoying the fresh air.   It is important for children to have this time to enjoy free play and really strengthen their gross motor muscles as they run around the park, play jump rope, or drive the tricycles. The outdoors also gives children the opportunity to play make-believe and let their imaginations run wild as they play together! They are continuing to strengthen their social skills too as they build relationships with one another in an unstructured environment.  Outdoor play  with their friends allows children to naturally work on their negotiation, collaboration, teamwork, sharing, and conflict resolution skills.

While outside, children can enjoy playing in the boat park where they sometimes act as sailors or play Sharks and Minnows as they run inside and around the boat. ingyen nyerőgépes játékok   Many children love the playhouse out back and enjoy cooking in the kitchen found inside the house.  This is the perfect place for children to play school or pretend to be a family. We have two blacktops where children can be found racing tricycles, playing jump rope, or playing with the balls together.  Our Sprouts can be seen playing Hopscotch in the photos below on our blacktop. bukméker képzés  The Sunflowers even earned their driver’s licenses this week during their outdoor time.  Look out fellow drivers!

Whole Kids Academy strives to make the outdoors an extension of our classrooms.  We have many centers located at our back park.  Our bulldozing center is so fun for the children to play with the Tonka trucks.  They love getting a little dirty as they use the trucks to transport dirt or move rocks. szlovák fogadóiroda The gardening center is out of commission in the winter, but we are preparing for it to be filled with plants and vegetables soon.  We also have an art center, a library nook, and a dramatic play center! There is something for everyone!