What's Happening At WKA

Reducir, Reusar, Reciclar

The Sprouts and Explorers are experts at reducing, reusing, and recycling thanks to their Recycling study! automaty online bonus bez vkladu   The month of April has been filled with interactive, engaging experiences to help the preschoolers learn ways to take care of our planet.  They created a recycling robot who eats recycled materials. zakłady sportowe przez internet In an effort to reuse cardboard boxes, the Sprouts and Explorers got creative and made cardboard tunnels and cardboard cars.  After learning to identify the recycling symbols, each preschooler had the opportunity to sort various items.  They had to place them in the correct bin labeled plastic, cardboard, metal, and glass.   You can count on them to help sort their recyclable materials at home too!

Did you know that George Dempster created the first waste system by using a truck and a bin to collect trash materials? zakłady online sts The Sprouts and Explorers do! They learned all about Mr. Dempster and how the English word, dumpster, came to be!  Rather than adding more trash to the dumpsters at WKA, the preschool teachers gathered shredded newspaper and made a sensory table out of it! We love to see the children’s imagination and creativity shine as they pretend they are scooping grass to feed animals or cooking food and baking cakes in their sensory table using recycled materials.

The Recycling study is sure to teach the Sprouts and Explorers the importance of reducing waste and reusing unwanted materials, but it is also a great way to build community too.  Our preschoolers are learning the importance of a community and how friendships can be created through working together and meeting a shared goal.  Today they celebrated Earth Day, which was a great way to create community and work together to share ideas and ways we can help take care of our planet.