What's Happening At WKA

3, 2, 1… Blastoff to Space with our PreK Classes!

The Voyagers and Pioneers are ready for take-off!  They have thoroughly enjoyed the Space study these last few weeks and I think it is safe to say that we have some future astronauts here at Whole Kids Academy!

To kick off the study, the classes made a replica of the solar system using balloons covered in papier-mâché to represent the planets!  The dramatic play areas in both the Voyagers and Pioneers classrooms have been completely transformed.  The children have helped out a great deal with painting and making it their own.  Each dramatic play center represents space and the inside of a rocket ship.

Each week the classes focused on different parts of the solar system. The first week was the planets and the Pre-K children even learned a song in Spanish to remember them all in order.  The second week was all about the sun and the stars. tippmix szelveny   This week the Pioneers and Voyagers learned about astronauts and what they need to do to prepare if they want to go to space when they grow up!

The Voyagers and Pioneers have also been working hard to get ready for Kindergarten this upcoming fall.  In math, they have been learning their numbers to 100!  They have been working on groups of ten this week and learning to count by tens to 100.They are doing a really great job of recognizing number patterns. tippmix pro Another area where the Pioneers and Voyagers are excelling is in their social emotional development.   They have been working hard on being kind to one another and growing in their relationship skills and responsible decision-making!  The teachers have encouraged and modeled these skills. fogadóiroda bónuszok   They even incorporate great social emotional books during circle time to help teach these important social and emotional competencies.

At the park they enjoy playing games together and letting their imagination run wild.  The outdoor play time is a great way for children to develop their problem-solving skills and build positive social connections. Their favorite games to play are pirates, tag, and doctor.  Our Voyagers and Pioneers teachers are soaking up these last few months with this incredible group.  They are blown away with how much their children have grown this year.