What's Happening At WKA

Exploring with ALL of Our Senses in the Infants!

The infants have been learning about textures, items, and experiences related to the summer season.  As mentioned above, the infants also enjoyed water play.   This was one of their favorite times as they got to splash water everywhere.  They also have been enjoying their bubble machine both inside and outside of the classroom this week.

The infant classrooms were transformed to create an indoor beach, even containing real elements of the beach like sand and water.  They also had beach towels, beach balls, a beach blanket, an umbrella, sunglasses, and all sorts of beach toys.  Creating such an immersive learning opportunity is important for infants so they can experience a variety of things and learn many new Spanish vocabulary words while playing and exploring.

Our Caterpillars and Turtles are in a stage of life with so many developmental milestones.  We are so proud of the growth they are making.  Can you believe all of our Turtles are using the rope to walk together to and from the playground? That’s amazing! Our Caterpillars are in different stages, some working on their tummy time and practicing rolling over, while others are taking their first steps.  All our infants have been so brave as they explore new textures like Jell-O, ice, and sand.  This is just the beginning and we are excited to see all the growth these babies will have, even just over this summer as they enjoy many new experiences together.