What's Happening At WKA

You Know What Summer Means… Water Play and Picnic Days!

Our children love the warmer weather because it means more outdoor time. One of the best ways to celebrate summer is through water play! Some classes have relay races, some play with toys in the water, and others enjoy free play with water balloons.  They love to try to spray their friends and teachers or crack balloons over each other’s heads.

In addition to water play, the summer also gives children the opportunity to have an outdoor lunch.  Picnic lunches are their favorite and they look forward to their outdoor lunch all week. We try to take advantage of every opportunity to soak up the sunshine in the summer.  It is really sweet to see their social interactions and conversations over lunch outside.

Outdoor activities like water play and class picnics are excellent ways for children to build comradery with one another.  Having such fun, lighthearted experiences each week gives the children something to look forward to and is just another way we celebrate summer at Whole Kids.