What's Happening At WKA

Summer FUN!

Summer at WKA is filled with loads of fun experiences.  We especially love the warm weather and extra time we get outdoors.  Each class has an engaging summer related theme to help kickstart this season and get children interested in a variety of things the summer has to offer.

After the fourth of July, the infants had so much fun creating their own fireworks in a jar using oil, water, and food coloring.  Another celebratory activity they loved was a sensory experience where they got to play with pasta and dyed it red, white, and blue!

Our toddlers made their own sand by combining flour and water.  They measured, poured, and adjusted ingredients to change up the texture. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to build their own sand castles, imagining they were on the beach!

In our Sunflowers and Ladybugs classes, they’ve been learning about camping adventures and all the things you need to have a successful camping trip.  They even built their own fort and set up a tent in their classrooms to imagine they were outdoors.

Preschool children have been celebrating the summer months by enjoying their outdoor lunches, playing loads of games outside, and talking all about animals in their Pet study!   They have an engaging dramatic play center where their stuffed animals are in handmade crates, waiting for the veterinarian to take care of them.  Our preschoolers are veterinarians-in-training as they get dressed up and give check-ups to their animals.

Lastly, our Pre-K classes have new studies every week and have an action-packed summer planned, where they are getting a glimpse into what our Aventuras Summer program is like!  Check out our Classroom Spotlight to find out what Summer Fun activities they are doing!