What's Happening At WKA

Farming Local with our Aventuras Jr. Kiddos!

At Whole Kids Academy, we love to experience our themes and studies through cooking.  There are so many skills learned organically through cooking projects!  Children learn social-emotional skills as they develop confidence in cooking and as they follow directions and use problem-solving skills if something goes wrong with their recipe!  Cooking is a great opportunity to grow a child’s Spanish vocabulary as they are introduced to new vocabulary and have visuals to accompany the new words!  They are also developing physically as they strengthen their fine motor skills through chopping, mixing, squeezing, and spreading…all of which were important steps in cooking projects you’ll read about below!

Our Voyagers and Pioneers are loving their Aventuras Jr. summer weeks!  They had many cooking projects as they prepared for a classroom Farmer’s Market today.   They made their own strawberry jam, cheese, and even churned butter to “sell” at their market.  Cooking for our older children helps develop their literacy and math skills too.  As they work with the teacher to read the recipe, they are learning how to follow along to directions.  They also use lots of math skills as they measure the different ingredients.