Our Team

Claudia Miranda


Claudia is a first-generation American, her family coming from El Salvador. She has lived in Maryland, closeby DC, all of her life but loves having the opportunity to connect with her roots by visiting El Salvador. Claudia pursued a history degree at UMBC in the hopes of eventually teaching at the elementary level. She continues to advance her education in early childhood development and has several years of experience working with children, from tutoring to nannying to teaching preschool. Claudia is passionate about being able to provide children with the skills they need to succeed and finds this work incredibly rewarding. Outside of school, she loves reading, drawing, sculpting, painting, and traveling as much as possible! She also enjoys learning new languages and spending time with friends and family. Claudia’s favorite children’s book has always been Oh, The Places You’ll Go! She shares that so many parts of this book resonate with her and loves reading it to her nephews as a bedtime story.

Claudia joined Whole Kids in 2019 and has worked primarily with our toddlers in the Sweetpeas and Ducklings classrooms. She will be continuing with us as a substitute teacher this year as she works to advance her education. Claudia loves each of our WKA children and helping to shape their futures and finds her role here extremely rewarding